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Юри 18 gif is anime that involves relationships, and often sex, between two or more female characters. Occasionally there will be a male character involved as well, but the focus remains on the female interactions. Thus, a yuri hentai is a hentai that focuses on sex between girls. For our Top 10 Yuri Hentai Юри 18 gif list, we bring you yuri with many different kinds of styles and stories, and also from a wide range of release years.

Some of them are quite new, and others are old. What they all have in common is a lot of satisfying sex, romance, and relationships between ladies.

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G-Taste is a unique start to our list as it actually has two separate stories within it. Юри 18 gif first three episodes follow three women — Moe, the disgruntled office worker, Nana, the cute maid, and Mai, the usually dominating one who finds herself on the bottom.

Both story arcs юри 18 gif on the relationships between all of these different girls, and what happens between them. Just the name G-Taste is enough to make a hentai fan curious. But what you can also expect is a unique animation style full of slow motion movements, and a focus on long legs expertly combined with heels to appeal to those of us who enjoy that sort of thing.

When one day he and his friends find an old mirror and decide to investigate it further, they find юри 18 gif sucked into an alternate dimension! Can Kenichi bring everything back to normal before the dimensions implode?

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With the very plot line revolving юри 18 gif the characters having to turn one another on, you can imagine there is plenty of sex юри 18 gif go around.

Haruka is a girl in a unique situation — in order to defeat the powerful ninjas that are pursuing her, she needs superhuman powers. And юри 18 gif does she get those superhuman powers? Through sex, of course! And thus we have Choukou Sennin Haruka, the story of a girl who literally gets her kicks from sexual acts being performed on her, and then uses that power to fight —and all while dressed in kunoichi, or a modern female ninja outfit.

So if you like seeing girls kick ass, especially ninja girls, while still enjoying plenty of girl-on-girl sexual action, Choukou Sennin Haruka is definitely a fun ride.

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It follows Linea, a girl out of her own time and place — literally. Юри 18 gif short series begins with Linea awakening in a time capsule in the countryside of Japan, completely unaware of when or where she is in time. Luckily, she finds юри 18 gif research facility staffed by three other women, and one of them takes quite a liking to her. When Sayako leaves her lover to sleep with Linea instead, she learns there юри 18 gif more to this mysterious girl than anyone could have ever guessed.

The story is intriguing, and the characters are good, not to even mention the yuri sequences. While it may only be two episodes long, Stainless Night is still definitely worth a watch.

Hiroe Ogawa is a girl with a very personal problem in Nageki no Kenkou Yuuryouji — she is unable to reach an orgasm through any sort of traditional sexual means. Lucky for Hiroe, her housemate and landlady are more than willing to help her with her issue.

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Thus begins their sexual adventures together to try to bring Hiroe to a climax through any means necessary in hopes she can finally reach her orgasm! Nageki no Kenkou Yuuryouji has a lot of unique and more interesting lesbian sex in it than the average yuri might contain.

While the series itself has 38 episodes telling a lot of different stories, we are specifically looking at Escalation for our list of the Top 10 Yuri Hentai Anime. It features a story that is anything but traditional, with bondage and other BDSM elements юри 18 gif spice up the yuri action. All of Cream Lemon is filled with edgy sex, including incest, male rape, torture, and more.

Escalation is no different with its use of BDSM between the female characters. So юри 18 gif you like a darker kind of yuri and are looking for something that is a юри 18 gif more exciting and naughty, Cream Lemon: Escalation may be just the OVA for you. It is only one episode long, but will leave you wanting more, and wondering why you had never seen this classic yuri hentai before! It is the юри 18 gif of Tatsuya Tagami, a boy with the hefty goal of total world conquest.

The first step in his plan is to юри 18 gif every one of his female classmates pregnant, but at an all-boys school, that proves to be rather difficult.

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So the best solution, of course, is to transfer to a newly co-ed school that recently was all-girls, which means there are finally plenty of girls to go around! As you can imagine, at a nearly юри 18 gif school, there is no shortage of female characters.

And while some of the sexual scenes do юри 18 gif Tatsuya as well, there is plenty юри 18 gif girl-on-girl yuri action to satisfy you! Also, did we mention that all the ladies are very well-endowed? Besides, with a hilarious English name like Flaming Юри 18 gif Transfer Student, you have to be at least a little bit curious. Star Jewel is a yuri hentai with a science fiction and fantasy twist to it.

There are goddesses of both light and darkness, and they are at war with one another. Of course, the goddesses of light are trying юри 18 gif stop them from succeeding by hunting them down!

Sure, both teams have magic on their sides, but their most powerful weapon is their retractable penis. It turns out that sexual pleasure truly is the strongest weapon. Star Jewel certainly adds a unique entry on our list. All the characters in the hentai are futanari girls, or characters that are female but also have a penis.

Considering the storyline of Star Jewel revolves around sexual pleasure, you can safely bet that there will be plenty of on-screen girl-on-girl, futanari sex. If you like futanari stories, or are interested in a new kind of yuri, try out Star Jewel!

And if you decide you like those girls in their tight, low-cut bodysuits fighting one another powered by sex, luckily for you it has a spin-off story called Star Jewel Gaiden: In Shoujo Sect, Shinobu Handa and Momoko Naitou begin as innocent childhood friends, though Shinobu falls in love with Momoko from the first time that they meet. Most of the anime takes place after the girls are in high school, and though Momoko has forgotten their past together, Shinobu is determined юри 18 gif make her remember.

However, now Momoko and Shinobu are very different — whereas Momoko is the leader of the Disciplinary Committee at the school, Shinobu is very much a hooligan that cares little for the юри 18 gif. Shoujo Sect revolves around the relationship of Momoko and Shinobu, which is clearly a love story between two girls.

But on top of their story and the romance sequences that come from it, Shinobu is also part of a harem at her school. And of course, there are the scenes that happen directly between Momoko and Shinobu.

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On top of having great yuri sex, Shoujo Sect has a good story and well-developed characters юри 18 gif well. If you want a yuri hentai with a story you can actually be interested in, be sure to check it out. Anata to Koibito Tsunagi. This anime focuses on the relationship between two schoolgirls, Mai Sawaguchi and Reo Kawamura. The story focuses on the romantic relationship that the girls have together, complete with as many emotions and ups and downs that one episode can have.

What puts Sono Harabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Юри 18 gif Tsunagi in the number one position on our list of the Top 10 Yuri Hentai Anime is the quality of the relationship, and the way it is presented.

The юри 18 gif scenes themselves are done tastefully and artistically, while still being satisfying to watch. While it may feel like yaoi anime and hentai are more popular and produced юри 18 gif often these days, for those of us who love yuri, do not lose hope! Keep the yuri love and support alive, and check out some hentai from our Top 10 Yuri Hentai Anime list. And of course, if you think we are missing an important title, or our order should be changed — or you just want to share your yuri love!

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Nageki no Kenkou Yuuryouji F3: Cream Lemon Cream Lemon: Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo:

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